After so many years of supplying recovery service to many of the Telematics companies in South Africa,  we got to work with a few really good ones and some really not so good ones. Although we did many successful recoveries through the years, there were quite a few that got away. This was extremely frustrating for us, especially when we were only able to recover the tracking unit after the thieves had already disabled it and thrown it out the vehicle.

We saw a need for improved systems and response times as well as a need for better installations. After many years of voicing our concerns and not getting much feed back, we decided its was time to bring in our own solutions. We started to look around for suitable alternatives to what was currently available and after much searching and testing, we finally decided on two companies that were able to manufacture the units we were looking for. Both these companies are based in Europe and they were willing to listen to our requirements and develop units to suit our needs.

We then took some of these units and successfully integrated them onto our Tracking software platform which allowed us to open the units up to their full potential.

Once we were satisfied that the unit were 100%, we then went about searching for the best installers and with so many years in the business, we already had a few in mind. We now have top class installers to ensure that each unit is fitted to the highest standards and can assure you that during any installation, no corners will be cut.

We have both hard wired and wireless tracking options available to suit each individual client or business owners needs. We offer both fully monitored and client monitored only options thereby giving the client the option of privately monitoring his vehicles or letting us take care of it for him.

Some advantages of our systems include:

  • Best reliability
  • Cost saving
  • Accurate reporting and positioning
  • Easy to use software
  • Unlimited number of units on a login
  • No additional costs for cellular roaming
  • Ability for units to communicate on most networks world wide
  • 3 different means to recover vehicles and assets
  • Peace of mind knowing we're constantly working to improve our services and protect your fleet.



Kindly view the videos below should you require a bit more info on our wireless unit.