Services we Offer

Cape Town Tracking not only offers proven best quality Tracking systems using the latest technology and our vast range of products, which can be combined in modular ways to provide custom integrated solutions to meet the needs of our clients.
We also offer complimentary Services to ensure your hard earned Assets are safe and secure.

Vehicle Tracking

Our 24-Hour Control Room monitors all the tracking devices linked to our Network. Our dedicated control room operators notify clients of any alerts, changes and notifications on the tracking devices. They also drive the recovery process to ensure successful recoveries. Our designated Managers receive an SMS and email on any alarm as a secondary / confirming notification directly from the device.

The client may also receive these SMS’s.

The client is notified immediately of any breach insecurity.

In the event of theft, the tracker provides highly accurate location information that improves asset visibility and enables our nationwide recovery teams to quickly recover your assets.

Our Recovery Teams have their own dedicated RF-equipment to recover
devices spot-on as soon as possible (RF equipment). All our Recovery Teams are tactically trained for any type of recovery and assisted by selected SAPS members if needed.

A full report of the incident scene and the recovery scene are provided within 48 hours.

The client is notified and kept up to date with each incident.

Personal Trackers

Sometimes our high value Assets are people, give yourself peace of mind that a person is safe and has access to a method of requesting assistance in an Emergency 24/7.

Weighting just 80g and having Dimensions of just 95 x 64 x 11 mm (L x W x H) our Personal Tracker is easy to carry, can be secreted virtually anywhere on a person or in their belongings.

Featuring 27/7 monitoring and national recovery, Two-way voice communication and Real time tracking rest assured you are in good hands.

Custom Covert Tracking Devices

Our devices can be manufactured according to specifications provided by Manufacturers.

This allows us to build the tracking units into various items according to the customer’s product line and high value items

Examples of where our Custom Builds can be used

Wireless Asset Trackers

These devices serve as a multi-layered solutions ensuring high-quality monitoring and control of valuable assets.

The variety of trackable assets includes wire reels, tools, construction equipment, containers, scissor lifts and other expensive equipment. The device may not only serve as a solution to track and monitor valuable assets, but also act as a backup tracker for vehicles.

There are a lot of non-powered assets out in the world that are difficult to track, as it can be left for days or remain in obscure locations before getting any supervision. Companies suffer millions of losses because of stolen or damaged valuable assets.

In cab Audio Monitoring


Security Escorts

Cape Town Tracking has years of experience in security co-ordination and transporting of assets and valuable commodities for different types of operations and large corporate companies throughout South Africa.

It has become everyday news hearing trucks being hijacked and robbed which has led to a change in the industry yearning the service of armed escorts.

Every week we hear about armed robberies, hijackings and crime that costs the government and private industry R90 billion a year. It is a reality that you have to make use of a reputable security and courier company to deliver your items.

Cape Town Tracking ensures our clients are covered for; long distance transit throughout South Africa, specialized asset protection, while in-warehouse or vehicle overnight at border posts, cross-border escorting to point of delivery as well as protection in the event of Strike action and labour unrest.

We have access to professional units who are specialists in the field of high-value asset protection. Our specialized truck escort service enables our clients to rest easy knowing that their cargo, vehicles and employees are safe while in transit.

We pride ourselves on our experience and specialist expertise in protection services and the overall safety of our clients and their motor vehicle assets.

Vehicle Recovery Services

Although our stolen vehicle recovery service can’t guarantee that your vehicle won’t be involved in a theft or hijacking, we can dramatically increase your chances of recovering your vehicle in the event of unfortunate incidents such as these.

Keep in mind that insurance companies look favourably upon vehicle owners who make use of a vehicle recovery service; which will save you money on your monthly insurance premiums.