City Slicker Pro

City Slicker Pro

24/7 Monitoring & Recovery

(36 Month contract)


Unit and Installation                     R 2 999.00 ex. VAT

Monthly subscription                    R    185.00 ex. VAT

The City Slicker is our wired-in GPS unit designed primarily as an affective Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) system, yet by the integration of this unit onto our unique tracking software platform, it allows us to offer not only SVR but also Fleet Management Services (FMS)

By us being able to take the telematics data from the unit in real time and utilize this information in compiling reports, specifically designed to meet the fleet manager’s needs, we are able to effectively support fleet managers in keeping control of their fleets.

The unit is imported from Eastern Europe and boasts a 0.1% failure rate. The City Slicker is a compact unit that is easily installed and should function flawlessly for as long as it is installed.

The unit communicates via the cellular networks, but with our unique setup, we are not limited to any one particular network. Should the vehicle enter an area where a cellular network is down, it will automatically scan for the next strongest signal and link to it, thereby assuring the client of uninterrupted communication with his unit. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for the maintenance of cellular networks and in the odd event that there is absolutely no network, the unit will store data and once it is back within cellular coverage, it will immediately transmit the stored info making it available for the fleet manager to see where and what his vehicle was doing during that period.

The unit, as we have it set up, is able to communicate in 147 different countries in the world and we are able to do this without the additional cost of cellular roaming.

Standard features
  • Compact design
  • Best reliability
  • Accurate trip replays (stored for life of contract)
  • Full trip reporting (excessive idling, speeding, harsh braking, impact, towing, battery disconnect, jamming detection, remote immobilization (optional extra) and more.
  • Driver analysis with client defined point system allowing owners to rate their driver’s behaviour.
  • Fuel transaction and usage reports. (requires once off code and authorisation from clients banking institution.
  • Ability to design reports to suit each client’s individual needs.
  • Our specialized tracking software will automatically email all requested reports to any pre-set email addresses, at any pre-determined time, daily, weekly or monthly as per client’s requirements ensuring the client remains up to date with his vehicles movements, usage and driver behaviour at all times.
  • No additional cellular roaming costs.
  • 24/7 Mobile and PC access to dedicated Tracking software platform.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and National Recovery

After an uninterrupted 36 month contract period the client will be rewarded with the option of being able to extend his contract for a reduced monthly fee of R 150.00 ex. Vat per month*. (subject to 10% annual escalation)

These are just some of the amazing features the unit has to offer. Should you require any additional reporting we are sure we would be able to fulfill your requirements.


All reports can be designed to suit each customers requirements


Client gets full access to tracking portal and is able to monitor the following:

  • Vehicle position (GPS)
  • Detailed vehicle trip reports
  • Over speeding
  • Impact
  • Battery tamper
  • Driver behaviour reports
  • Zone violations
  • Vehicle out of hours usage reports
  • Fuel transaction logging
  • Excessive idling

Both options come with our standard 36 month warrantee against manufacture defect.

Monthly subscriptions are subject to 10% annual escalation.A

All prices based on current Rand/Dollar exchange rate and are subject to change without notice.