City Slicker

City Slicker

City Slicker

12/24V GPS/GSM Tracking device

City Slicker

Wired in GPS/GSM Tracking Device

The City Slicker unit is our wired in GPS/GSM unit and is an extremely reliable and accurate device. The City Slicker is capable of operating as both a Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery device. Our R&D department has spent many months dissecting the standard City Slicker unit and added extra components to the unit, specifically designed to suit the unique South African market.

We quickly realized that the units available out there today are mostly off the shelf products that are designed to suit the needs of individuals and companies who live and operate in parts of the world where theft and hijacking are almost unheard of. Unfortunately, that is not the case in South Africa, here we experience some of the highest statistics in violent vehicle crimes. These crimes are generally committed by violent offenders who have connections to syndicates and have been well trained in hijacking, theft and removal of any aftermarket security devices. This means that in order to remain competitive in today’s market, we had to identify weaknesses in these devices and invent methods to overcome these weaknesses and apply them to our products.

For security reasons we cannot divulge on the improvements we have made but we can assure you that we will continue to invent and develop means to stay one step ahead of the syndicates and their methods.

The City Slicker is a 'live tracking' device and once installed, the client receives unlimited access to our software. This software can be viewed on either your PC, Tablet of Cellular device, or all three, and is only accessible with your personal login and password.

The software allows for corporate clients to monitor all their vehicles live at the same time without any additional costs. The software will store all the telematic data required to effectively manage your fleet. This data is available at any time from date of installation and can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. Reports are unlimited. All reports are delivered via email at any preselected time to best suit your busy schedule. All report layouts are fully customizable to suit your specific requirements.

All priority alarm activations received from the unit will automatically be sent to your login and cellular device via Priority SMS notification. Our 24/7 Control Centre will also receive notification of the event as well as the location of the event. Should recovery or other assistance be required, the Control Centre will immediately dispatch the nearest recovery team and/or other services to your vehicle’s location.

The CITY SLICKER carries the CE certification and meets with all South African regulations.

Some standard features of the CITY SLICKER unit
Park Guard theft detection

Park Guard early warning theft sensor alarm

Simply activated from your PC, Tablet or Cellular device. This feature allows you to remotely assign a protective zone around your vehicle and should the vehicle move out of this zone without the feature being deactivated, then you will immediately receive an SMS notification of the event and location. Our 24/7 Control Centre will, at the same time, also receive notification of the event and will immediately initiate the recovery process whilst also establishing communication with you in order to confirm whether recovery is required or not.

Towing Alerts

Towing sensor alarm

Should your vehicle be towed at any time, the system will detect this and will immediately send you an SMS notification of the event and location. Our 24/7 Control Room will also receive notification of this event and will immediately initiate the recovery process whist also establishing communication with you to determine whether recovery is required or not.

Impact Alerts

Impact senor alarm

Should the vehicle be involved in a collision, the system will immediately send you an SMS notification of the event and location. Our 24/7 Control Centre will also receive notification of the event and will immediately attempt to establish communication with you. Should they be unable to establish communication with you, they will inform the nearest SAPS office of the event and request them to investigate the location.

Battery voltage monitoring

Battery voltage monitoring

The unit is constantly reading both the vehicles’ and the units internal batteries and both these readings are constantly updated on the software and visible on the vehicles landing page.

Geo-Fencing and Zone Violation Alerts

Geo-Fencing (Preferred and No-Go areas)

The software allows you to set areas which are either safe or unsafe for your vehicles. The system will notify you when your vehicle enters these zones either in the form of an SMS notification or an e-mail notification. The control room is also capable of monitoring these events should it be required.

Speed violation alerts

Speed monitoring

The software already has all SA roads speed limits preset but should you wish to assign further speed limitations to any of your vehicles, this can be done by either requesting us to assign the limitation to the vehicle or you can simply log onto the software and assign it yourself. Should the vehicle exceed any speed limits, the system will log the event with time, location and speed and either send you notification via e-mail or just log it for later action, depending on your requirements.

Preferred route planning

Safe route planning

The software allows you to assign specific routes to any of your vehicles and should the vehicle deviate from this route, the system can be set to immediately notify you of the event or just log the event with event location, time and speed or it can be set to do both depending on your requirement.

Harsh breaking sensor

Harsh breaking sensor

The system is set to monitor this event at all times whilst the vehicle is in motion, and should it detect harsh braking it can be set to immediately notify you via email or just log the event with location and time of the event or it can be set to do both.

Driver performance rating

Driver performance rating

The system allows you to set points for all driving transgressions ie. Speeding, harsh cornering, late arrival etc. all these transgressions will be deducted from a user defined total at the end of a user defined period allowing you to incentivize your drivers by rewarding them for good driving behaviour and thereby reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicles.

Excessive idling alerts

Excessive idle monitoring

The unit can be set up to monitor this event and duration of static idling can be determined by you at any time. This event is typically logged with location and time but the system can be setup to report these events to you via e-mail notification.

Internal back up battery

Internal back up battery

Each unit is fitted with its own internal back up battery. Should power to the unit be compromised at any time then the unit will immediately send out tamper alarms and continue to function on its back up battery. Our 24/7 Control Centre will also, at the same time, receive notification of this event and will immediately initiate the recovery process whilst establishing communication with you to determine whether recovery is required or not.

Full trip history reports

Full trip history reports

The software stores all telematic data from the unit from date of installation. This information includes such things as speed, time, location, direction and anything else you have requested to be activated. All our reports are free and can be downloaded at anytime by either logging onto the software or setting the software to e-mail all reports to your e-mail address at specific times as you might require.

Dedicated 24/7 Monitoring and National Recovery service

Dedicated 24/7 Monitoring and National Recovery service

We have appointed The ITA Group as our 24/7 monitoring and recovery company. ITA is one of the oldest and most respected recovery companies in South Africa and has the largest national footprint of recovery agents. They are also capable of cross border recovery. In the event of emergency, professionally trained and experienced agents will be dispatched to your location to ensure your safety or recover your vehicle.

24 Month Warranty

24 month warranty

All our products are backed by our standard 24 month swop out warranty against manufacture defect.

Option 1

Full Fleet Management & Stolen Vehicle Recovery


Client pays a once off fee which includes the folllowing:

  • Unit and Installation.
  • 24 months Monitoring and National Recovery Serices.
  • 24/7 access to Cape Town Tracking Fleet Management software platform.
  • 24 months access to full trip history reports as well as all historical data from day of installation at no additional cost.
  • 24 Month warrantee.
  • All data from unit and SMS notification costs.
  • Various renewal options available.

Option 2

Stolen Vehicle Recovery


Client purchases unit and pays monthly subscriptions over a 24 month period with 10% annual escalation on monthly subscriptions.

  • Unit and installation
  • 24/7 monitoring and national recovery.
  • 24/7 access to Cape Town Tracking software.
  • 24 Month warrantee
  • All data costs from unit and SMS notifications

Option 3

Full Fleet Management & Stolen Vehicle Recovery


Client rents the unit for a period of 24 months. Unit remains the property of Cape Town Tracking until full 24 months payments received. Client pays installation cost.

  • Rental unit
  • 24/7 monitoring and national recovery for as long as account is current.
  • 24/7 access to Cape Town Tracking Fleet management software.
  • Full trip history reports and access to historical data at no additional cost.
  • 24 Month warrantee.
  • All data costs from unit and SMS notifications.
best Seller

Option 4

Full Fleet Management


(no contract period)

Client purchases unit and waivers 24/7 monitoring and recovery. Client recovers his own vehicles and is responsible for the monitoring of all alarms generated from the unit. 

  • Unit, SIM card and installation included.
  • 24/7 access to cape Town Tracking web and cell software platform whilst account is current. (standard T&C's apply)
  • Full trip history reports. Client will need to download reports from the Cape Town Tracking software platform at no charge.
  • Full swop out warrantee against manufacture defects for as long as account is current. (max 24 months)


Installations will be billed at R450 per installation when carried out at one of our approved fitment centres. Additional costs could be applicable if not installed at fitment centre.

All options are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions which will be attached to the contract and can also be viewed on our website @

De and Re-installations will be billed at R950 for off site work and at R750 when booked in at an approved installation centre.

Any account that is 30 – 89 days in arrears will be Soft Locked until such time as the account is brought up to date and all interest charged is paid up. Any recoveries carried out whilst account is in arrears will be charged at Ad-hoc rate.

Any account that is 90 days or more in arrears will be terminated and the client will no longer have access to the software. The historical data will be deleted after 180 days.

Should the client require any information from the software during this time, we will be forced to bill at R45,00 per page.

Ad-hoc Recoveries (Option 4 and Accounts more than 30 days in arrears) will be billed at a fixed rate of R9500,00 per recovery. We do however reserve the right to decline any such recoveries. Recovery is solely the locating of any sought vehicle by our dedicated ground teams and either handing it over to SAPS or handing it back to the client on scene. Any additional services as in Towing, locksmiths, road side security etc will be for the client’s account.

Recovery Service: This service is free within the borders of RSA and are included in all options except for OPTION 4 – SELF TRACK

Recovery costs, in the event of theft or hijacking, are carried by Cape Town Tracking. We reserve the right to request official SAPS CAS/MAS number.

False activations will be billed at a minimum of R 3 500,00 per case.

Prices are all inclusive